IV Ketamine Treatment Maryland

Ketamine Treatment Maryland

A ketamine treatment Maryland offers from the Pain & Spine Specialists is one of the best ways that back pain sufferers can manage symptoms from back pain. For those suffering from back pain, the impact can be incredibly damaging, which could profoundly change how a person functions daily. There are several reasons for back pain and symptoms, and the practitioners of Pain & Spine Specialists offer many innovative and cutting edge treatments that can help manage and even treat back pain. Our team will not only provide treatment but can also provide patients with the education that can help to prevent back pain. 

Symptoms of Back Pain

There are many reasons that a person may experience back pain. Sometimes back pain can result from chronic pain, injury, disc damages, arthritis, and more. As a result, the way that a person moves their body and lives their life can certainly be impacted. The ability to exercise, perform regular duties, lift things, and more may be limited. Common symptoms that might result from back pain include: 

  • Numbness
  • Weakness
  • Limited Range of Motion
  • Pain
  • Tingling

Working with a medical practitioner will be critical for those living with pain as a result of an injury or chronic illness. 

Ketamine Treatments for Back Pain

It should come as no surprise that millions of people suffer from chronic pain each year, and this type of problem can cause several hardships. Maryland ketamine treatment may be a way for patients to improve their condition. Doctors and surgeons have used ketamine for many years to reduce the pain suffered by patients from back issues. Ketamine infusions are often administered using a low dose of the drug intravenously to the affected area. Ketamine can provide pain relief that can be effective when properly administered by a trained professional and can be a way to manage back pain while a person is receiving treatment for their condition. 

Preventing Back Pain

In addition to treatment, our practitioners will provide education to patients to help prevent or reduce back pain. Back issues are one of the most common reasons people seek medical practitioners for back pain today. Sometimes, small changes can assist with managing pain, compliment treatments, and improve your overall condition. Some recommended tips for preventing back pain include:

Tip #1: Living a healthy lifestyle is imperative to maintaining weight, easing inflammation, and allowing for reduced muscle tension. 

Tip #2: Be as active as possible. While it may be recommended that a person rests to manage their pain, it’s important to remain active through physical activity.

Tip #3: Be aware of your sleep position. The way that you sleep can have a significant impact on the pain you are experiencing. Make sure that you are positioning your body correctly by supporting your knees and back. Additionally, it may be critical to ensure that your mattress provides you with the proper support. 

Tip #4: The way that you carry your body is critical to keeping back pain away. In some cases, poor posture can even cause extensive and chronic issues. Ensure that you use a chair that prevents back pain and that when you are walking or sitting, you are correctly holding your back and neck.  

Signs That You Are Dealing With Chronic Back Pain

We know how easily it can be to start experiencing back pain of any kind. Whether you were in a slip and fall accident or simply slept on your back wrong, it is possible to do some serious damage that causes you to need the help of someone who knows how to treat back pain. If you have been dealing with this pain and what you have been doing to relieve it has not worked yet, don’t wait any longer to contact our office and see what we can do for you. Our ketamine treatment in Maryland has helped many people in your position get the relief they need. 

Back Pain Symptoms You May Experience

If your back pain isn’t going away after a week or two, you may be dealing with a more serious problem than you would like to admit. Some examples of back pain that may not go away are: 

  • You are having a hard time standing up straight or walking
  • You are experiencing muscle spasms in your back
  • You have pain that radiates from your spine down to your hips and legs or up to your neck muscles 
  • You are having pain that could feel like a burning sensation or a dull aching or throbbing
  • You are unable to turn or twist your back and your range of motion is significantly decreased 

These are just a few examples of what can happen when your back pain won’t go away and the sooner you can come to our office for treatment, the sooner we can discover what the problem is and begin getting you on the road to recovery. 

Can I still go through treatment if we do not know the cause of the back pain? 

There are times when people come to us with back pain and they do not know where it stemmed from. This can be difficult because you want to determine what the cause was so you are not just treating the symptoms. You want to be able to treat the source of the problem. However, this does not mean you cannot go through ketamine treatment. We can still help even if we are unable to find the source of the back pain. 

Interested in learning more about our ketamine treatment and what we can do for you? Call our office to schedule your appointment with us now. 

Pain & Spine Specialists provide comprehensive pain management aimed at treating your specific needs. Our team is dedicated to working with the complexities surrounding your pain and will work closely with you to help manage your condition. If you are suffering from chronic pain, seek Maryland ketamine treatment from our practitioners today.

Common Myths About Ketamine 

Although ketamine treatment Maryland residents trust has been around for a while, there are still many misconceptions about it. Here are some common myths you shouldn’t believe.

  • Ketamine Isn’t Safe: Since ketamine has been used as a recreational drug, some people may assume it isn’t safe to use. While there are potential side effects like with any other drug, the risks are minimal. As long as ketamine is administered correctly by a physician, the FDA deems it safe.
  • Ketamine Can Lead to Addiction: Although ketamine isn’t physically addictive, it can be psychologically addictive if it’s abused. However, if ketamine is given by a doctor in a controlled environment, you will have safe dosages and don’t have to worry about becoming addicted.
  • Ketamine Is Only a Tranquilizer for Animals: It’s true the ketamine has been used to sedate large animals, like horses, because of its power. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t be used safely on humans too. Doctors will just use a much smaller dosage to ensure it’s safe.
  • Ketamine Treatment Hurts: Fortunately, this is false. Ketamine treatment in Maryland is administered through an IV, so you shouldn’t feel any discomfort at all. However, if you still feel anxiety before your treatment, consider bringing headphones and listening to calming music during the therapy.
  • Ketamine Is Outdated: Ketamine was created in the 1960s and used to treat Vietnam soldiers. The drug was a common anesthetic back then in hospitals. While ketamine isn’t used as frequently in hospitals today, it still serves a good purpose and isn’t outdated.

How to Prepare for a Ketamine Treatment

If you’ve never received ketamine treatment in Maryland before, you might not know what to expect. Here are a few ways to prepare for it:

  • Don’t Eat or Drink Beforehand: Your doctor will likely advise you to avoid eating or drinking anything the night before and morning of your ketamine treatment. Otherwise, you could experience nausea.
  • Get Enough Sleep: Make sure to get at least eight hours of sleep before your ketamine appointment. The more well rested you are, the less stressed and irritable you will be during your treatment.
  • Wear Comfortable Clothes: Since a ketamine treatment takes more than an hour, you’ll want to be comfortable during the process. Remember to wear loose clothing to your appointment.
  • Arrange for Someone to Drive You Home: It’s common to feel drowsy after a ketamine treatment. Therefore, you should ask a family member or friend to drive you home from your appointment.

If you are suffering from chronic pain, seek Maryland ketamine treatment from our practitioners today. 

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Please note: we are accepting Workers Compensation Insurance to treat injured workers.

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